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Weather Zones FAQ

What radio stations will cancellations or delays be announced on?

In addition to the local radio stations listed below, information is also available here at and your school board's website

At what time in the morning will zone information be available to the public?

6:30 am

Who is making the decisions regarding delays and cancellations and who is responsible for relaying that information to the public?

The decision to cancel or delay buses is based on direction from local school bus operators. This information is relayed to board officials by 6:00 am who then advise local radio stations and update the website for broadcast by 6:30 am.

What is a multi-zone student?

A multi-zone student lives in one zone and attends school in another zone. In rare cases a student may live in one zone, travel through another zone and attend school in a third zone.

If a child lives in a closed zone and the school is located in an open zone, will the student be transported to school?

No. A bus will not travel through a closed zone

If a bus route normally crosses out of a zone and then re-enters, will the total route be cancelled if the zone that he goes into is closed?

No. Only the portion of the route, which travels into the closed zone, will be cancelled. A bus will not travel through a closed zone

What happens if a student lives in one zone which is open, travels through a second zone which is closed to get to their school located in a third zone which is open?

In this scenario, the student's transportation would be cancelled. A bus will not travel through a closed zone. This student is an example of a "triple" zone student representing only 1% of our student population. These students have been sent individualized letters advising them which zones will affect them.

A school bus operator parks his buses in a different zone than what my school and route is in. If the zone his buses are located in is closed, will my bus be operating?

Yes. The affected zone(s) is based strictly on the run location - not the parking location (which could change frequently based on where a bus may be parked)

If a zone closes during the day and I live in that zone, but my school is in an open zone, will I be picked up early? Who will be responsible for notifying the parents of this?

In the event of early dismissal, students affected by cancelled zones will be transported home early after parents have been notified (elementary only). Schools are responsible to contact parents. The information will also be broadcast over local radio stations by the staff of the transportation department.

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